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Social Protection Single Registry in Uzbekistan

Between 2017-2018 UNICEF Uzbekistan contracted Development Pathways to undertake analysis on social protection policy and system reform under their new National Development Strategy, which included the design, development, and piloting of a Single Registry for Social Protection.

The Single Registry, which was initially piloted in the Sirdarya region of Uzbekistan, computerised the operations of six social allowances, automated income verification across 13 government databases using Automated Programming Interfaces (APIs) and links to Ministry of Finance System (ISUGOF) and commercial bank (XALQ bank).

The development of the system entailed delivery of the following workstreams:

  1. Project Plan: development of a software project plan detailing the tasks to be undertaken according to the systems development methodology.
  2. Systems Analysis and Design Document: production of a detailed system analysis and finalised requirements specifications document.
  3. System Modules Development: module by module development of applicant registration, eligibility assessment, enrolment, payments, case management, complaints management and monitoring and reporting components.
  4. End to End Quality Assurance: unit test, system testing, user testing and user acceptance tests.
  5. System Documentation: production of a support handover pack containing project documentation, user manuals, systems administration manuals, and source code documentation.
  6. Training: training on the system administration and operations.
  7. Maintenance of Pilot Phase: refinement of the Single Registry and releasing new versions in response to pilot lessons.
  8. National Rollout Plan: development of national rollout plan for the Single Registry.

Due to the evolutionary nature of the Single Registry, in 2022 UNICEF Uzbekistan contracted the Pathways Digital Solutions team for additional work which included:

  1. Provision of technical guidance in maintaining and updating Single Registry
  2. Finalisation of the module to administer community-based social work
  3. Introduction of emergency cash responses module
  4. Integration of Iron, Women and Youth notepads
  5. On demand/call-down support to the Single Registry