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Strengthening Rwanda’s social protection system

Strengthening Rwandan Social Protection

Over the past decade, Rwanda’s national social protection system has grown significantly. Its main pillar is the Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme or VUP, which comprises both unconditional cash transfers to vulnerable families and transfers linked to public works for those with capacity to work. While good progress has been made, the VUP has some weaknesses in its operational systems, targeting, management information systems and payment mechanisms. The Government of Rwanda and its development partners decided its social protection system needed strengthening.

To achieve this, we supported the Government in developing a National Social Protection Policy and Strategy. We were contracted by the UK’s Department for International Development, in collaboration with Mott MacDonald and Ecorys, to implement a long-term project, the Capacity and Policy Development Facility.

The CPDF supports the Ministry of Local Government in strengthening Rwanda’s social protection system. We also developed a Single Registry that will be used for all of Rwanda’s social protection programmes. And we re-designed the VUP with the aim of increasing both the coverage and targeting of beneficiaries in order to better reach the poorest and most vulnerable. A new payment mechanism has also been recommended to decrease delays in payments.

We are also committed to ensuring that the Government has the technical expertise to implement a robust and well-run social protection system. As part of the capacity building, we have developed operational and training manuals; designed and delivered training and workshops; and provided the government with continuous policy advice and technical support on operational improvements and financial management.

Technical advice has also been provided on how to better measure and evaluate the impacts and results of Rwanda’s social protection programmes, as better evaluations will lead to more effective improvements in the future.