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Supporting Myanmar in the development of an integrated Management Information System

In the context of multiple vulnerabilities and increasing poverty in Myanmar, the role of social protection in reducing poverty, vulnerabilities and deprivations among children is critical.  Myanmar has in the last few years made efforts to introduce a human-rights based approach to social protection. A National Social Protection Strategic Plan (NSPSP) was endorsed 2014, identifying eight Flagship Programmes along the life-cycle, suited to the poverty and vulnerability profile of the country. The NSPSP endorses the principles of universality (reinforcing social protection’s status as a human right), life-cycle and integrated approaches (maximising linkages with other social services such as education and health). Out of the proposed eight flagship programmes, four are social cash transfers.  

In October 2020, Development Pathways, with support of UNICEF Myanmar, began to develop an integrated Management Information System (MIS) for the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement (MSWRR). The planned MIS is expected to help in expanding and delivering social protection delivered by DSW/MSWRR to women and children efficiently and effectively in Myanmar.  

The main objectives of this assignment are to support development, capacity building and operationalisation of the centralised and integrated MIS platform (named Social Management Information System – SMIS).  This platform facilitates the end-to-end automation of the core business functions of key social protection programmes under DSW/MSWRR. This also includes training of technical resources and implementers/users mainly DSW staff, enhancements in different modules based on initial learning, transfer of technology and maintenance during the agreed period. The SMIS will adopt a modular approach, with key modules for DSW programmes: Maternal and Child Cash Transfers (MCCT), Social Pensions (SP), Child Allowance (CA), Disability Grant (DG) and Integrated Social Protection Services (Case Management).

Photo credit: Unsplash/ JP Desvigne –  Inn Thein monastery, Inle lake, Myanmar


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