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The reports we have published and contributed to steer the debate and clients’ thinking. We publish our own Working Papers and shorter Pathways’ Perspectives and support clients to produce major reports


Protection + prevention + promotion = policy paralysis

In this issue of Pathways’ Perspectives, Nicholas Freeland critiques the Transformative Social Protection (TSP) framework’s application in social policy, arguing it leads to policy paralysis due to inherent flaws and...

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Taking stock of progress: A compilation of universal social security schemes in low- and middle-income countries

Challenging the misconception that universal social security is only viable in high-income countries, this paper compiles examples of ongoing universal coverage schemes in low- and middle-income nations, focusing on old...

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How can Sri Lanka move towards a more inclusive social protection system?

Compounding shocks have resulted in Sri Lanka facing its worst debt and economic crisis since independence, exacerbating an already challenging situation of low, precarious and volatile incomes, and severely impacting...

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An affordable and feasible pathway to universal social security

This paper explains why using universality – social security for everyone within a population category – is more successful than other approaches in implementing social security schemes. The study demonstrates...

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National Social Protection Strategy for Sierra Leone 2022-2026

The National Social Protection Strategy outlines the Sierra Leone’s strategic priority areas for 2022-2026, to meet the policy objectives laid out in the National Social Protection Policy (NSPP).  First, it...

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Situation Analysis of Children (SitAn) in Egypt 2021: key highlights

This seven-page report visual report highlights key aspects of the 2021 situation analysis of children in Egypt. It focuses on five areas – Health, Education, violence against girls and women, access...

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Situation Analysis of Children and Adolescents in Egypt 2021: Summary report

In 2021, together with UNICEF Egypt, we carried out a situation analysis (SitAn) of children, adolescents, and young people in Egypt. The SitAn, using rights-based and gender-focused approaches, is expected...

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The additional costs of disability in Cambodia: implications for the design of social protection schemes

Persons with disabilities are disproportionately represented amongst the poorest members of Cambodia’s population. Overall, the national poverty rate (2021) among persons without disabilities was 17.5 per cent, while the rate...

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Good practices and lessons for meaningful engagement of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities in disability assessment process

Disability-specific social protection schemes require a mechanism to identify and assess eligible recipients on the basis of their disability. This is a challenging and highly debated topic, and the type...

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