Icon Our WorkNational Social Protection Strategy for Sierra Leone 2022-2026

The National Social Protection Strategy outlines the Sierra Leone’s strategic priority areas for 2022-2026, to meet the policy objectives laid out in the National Social Protection Policy (NSPP). 

First, it outlines the programmes needed to reach policy objectives and strategic targets, reaching priority groups of the population with age-appropriate social protection services incorporating considerations of disability, gender- and child-sensitive social protection, including coverage targets which would enable achievement of the policy objectives. 

Second, it considers how to operationalise those programmes to meet the policy objectives through setting systems strengthening targets to ensure coherent, coordinated, and effective implementation of social protection programmes in Sierra Leone. This includes tools such as a single social registry, a Grievance Redress Mechanism, shock-responsive capacity, linkages with and referrals to social services, capacity strengthening, a monitoring and evaluation framework and coordination mechanisms. 

Finally, it outlines the costs of the Strategy as a whole, including systems strengthening and programmes, and based on scenarios modelled with selected levels of coverage of priority groups, benefit levels and comprehensiveness of programming to inform progressive realisation of the NSPP’s vision of universal coverage by 2040.