Nayha Mansoor


Nayha supports the development, implementation and management of high-quality and innovative research and analytical work on social and economic issues in low- and middle-income countries. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of St Andrews. Her research interests are categorised into business cycles, welfare migration, labour markets and development economics. In Nayha’s spare time, she likes to go on hikes, work out and watch movies.

Nayha Mansoor's Work

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Tackling the COVID-19 social and economic crisis in Bangladesh: Providing universal, lifecycle social security transfers to protect lives and bolster economic recovery

This paper is the summary report of a study commissioned by UNICEF Bangladesh to assess the economic fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, evaluate the Government’s social protection response to the crisis and propose an alternative social protection package to protect citizens and promote economic recovery.

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Digital Transformation in the age of COVID-19 

Digital progress in the public sector has been slow in the past, but the economic, social and political challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis and resulting lockdown have forced governments to accelerate their transformation plans.