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Free course for global development practitioners on including persons with a disability


A child with a disability.

7th February 2018: The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is launching a new free online course to support global development practitioners to better include persons with a disability.

The LSHTM’s International Centre for Evidence in Disability says the Global Health and Disability course will over three weeks from 26th February cover how simple initiatives can enable the world’s 1 billion persons with a disability to access essential services. The course comes after Penny Mordaunt, the UK’s international development secretary, said that neglect of persons with a disability costs millions.

The course will start with definitions of disability and its magnitude, and provide an overview of the challenges to good health and wellbeing amongst persons with disabilities, including access to health services, before moving on to the steps that we can take to overcome these issues.

For more details, to view a trailer, and to register for your free place on the course, click here.