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Social Accountability in the Delivery of Social Protection Final Report

The final report of our research into how and when social accountability initiatives to hold social protection officials to account through citizen engagement work is formally launched at a workshop with funders DFID, and Age International today.

At the launch,Tamsin Ayliffe, Social Protection Consultant and Team Leader of the research project, will present key findings of the research, while Salum Rashid Mohamed, Head of the Social Protection Unit on the island of Zanzibar will present practical experiences of citizen engagement in social protection from a government perspective.

We look forward to taking stock of the evidence, and identifying how this agenda can be taken forward so that the design and management of social protection programmes can improve service delivery and at the same time strengthen state-society relations. There is evidence that some programmes have had some success with social accountability initiatives to secure greater citizen engagement, and there is considerable scope to implement such measures elsewhere.