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In the search for a training course to make the case for inclusive social protection systems?


If social protection is to be effective, it must be inclusive and implemented as a right of all citizens. Inclusive social protection systems ensure that everyone is able to access income security throughout the lifecycle, from childhood to old age, whenever it is required. Schemes are often universal and, importantly, must be designed in a way that appeals to policymakers so that they invest in them. Yet, convincing policymakers to invest can be challenging. They may not appreciate the value of social protection, may believe it is unaffordable, or may have been convinced by many of the negative myths surrounding it.

Given this, Development Pathways will be bringing together global social protection experts to deliver a new course this November on Inclusive social protection: Making the Case. The course aims to give participants an in-depth understanding of social protection.

What makes this course unique?

Our Development Pathways experts and guest trainers have extensive experience (between 15 and 20 plus years!) in the design and implementation of social protection systems, have been involved in key policy discussions around the globe, and have been at the forefront of a progressive research agenda. So if you are interested in making the case -in your country or institution- for inclusive social protection, you will be in the right place! You can hear directly from some of our trainers here.

What is in it for you?

Alternative perspectives and broader options. We offer a track-record in promoting inclusive options to social protection decision-makers and a progressive perspective. From a rights-based approach to social protection to providing evidence on the accuracy of existing targeting mechanisms around the world, we provide evidence-based and practical solutions for decision-makers. We will also introduce you to tools to better understand the financing of social protection and provide you with opportunities to experiment with microsimulations that allow you to explore different investment scenarios for inclusive social protection systems.

Combining practical experience with up-to date research and evidence. DP combines the latest literature on social protection with up-to date research in over 30 countries, innovative case studies, and hands-on experience from our experts in the design, implementation and evaluation of social protection schemes.

Broad collaboration and part of the global social protection discussions. Development Pathways has collaborated with some of the main actors pushing the global social protection agenda, including: ILO, UNICEF, WFP, UNRISD, United Nations Regional Economic and Social Commissions, among others.

Global lead in MIS for social protection. Development Pathways is the lead in providing technical advice and practical experience in linking MIS to social protection.

An inclusive set of modules, to make the case for inclusive social protection! See our list of core modules here, as well as newly designed elective modules. Our course structure is bound to give you the necessary evidence and tools to make the case for more progressive and inclusive social protection systems!

Want to hear first-hand from one of the participants of a similar training this year? See this short video here.

So what are you waiting for? Join our participants from Brazil, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Myanmar, Nigeria, Somaliland, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia, and register for the course here.