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Launch of the new Pathways’ Perspective: The Podcast


This week, Development Pathways launched an exciting, new series, Pathways’ Perspectives: The Podcast. Each episode is an expert on expert conversation – a discussion between practitioners on a variety of topics ranging from social protection to COVID-19, gender and financial inclusion. The episodes explore the nuances of social protection from both theoretical perspectives, to more practical and personal experiences.

Our first episode features Development Pathways’ Senior Social Protection Specialist, Alexandra Barrantes, and Rasmus Schjoedt, a Social Policy Specialist and Development Pathways’ Associate. Their discussion focuses on stigmatisation of poverty and how it relates to social protection policies. Specifically, Alexandra and Rasmus explore how negative narratives, the shaming and blaming of “the others”, shape societies’ perceptions of poverty. This has a direct impact on programme design and implementation and our overall approach to addressing issues of poverty.

You can find our first episode on Soundcloud and watch this space for more episodes. Learn further about the need for a more dignified and universal approach to social protection in a recent blog on COVID-19 social protection responses. Also check out our Pathways’ Perspectives publication that outlines our thinking on a human rights based approach and advocates for the golden rule (based on human dignity) to be applied to social protection.

Listen here!

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