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New Podcast: “The impact of COVID-19 on child poverty in Indonesia”


The latest episode of the Pathways’ Perspective: The Podcast has been released. This episode focuses on the impact that COVID-19 is having on children in Indonesia and how social protection can have a mitigating effect.

The conversation provides an in-depth analysis on the themes of our recent policy brief, “The impact of COVID-19 on child poverty and mobility in Indonesia”, which was written in partnership with the Fiscal Policy Agency and UNICEF Indonesia.

Featured in this episode are Ali Moechtar, Policy Analyst for the Ministry of Finance in Indonesia; Charlotte Lie-Piang from UNICEF Indonesia’s social policy team and Bjorn Gelders, Senior Social Policy Specialist at Development Pathways.

You can find the newest instalment of the podcast on Soundcloud, Apple Podcast and Spotify, where you can also listen our previous episodes on the social contract, Black professionals in international development, universal child benefits and dignity and stigma in social protection. Each episode is an expert-on-expert discussion – a conversation between practitioners about the nuances of social protection from both theoretical perspectives to more practical and personal experiences.