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Strengthening Ethiopia development efforts by reaching people with disabilities or living on the streets


The situational analysis for UNICEF Ethiopia is to inform Ethiopia development efforts

Social services for people with complex needs must be improved to ensure that Ethiopia development efforts leave no one behind, according to an analysis of the situation of people with disabilities and homeless people in Addis Ababa.

Development Pathways carried out the situational analysis for UNICEF Ethiopia, which is interested in ensuring the effectiveness of the Urban Productive Safety Net Programme by linking recipients with social service providers.

The project, which involved surveys with people living on the streets, brings the voice of those living in destitution in Addis Ababa into policymaking process. It considered the extent to which a range of services currently reach the interviewees, and provides a number of insights on how Ethiopia can ensure that nobody is left behind whilst the nation seeks to achieve middle-income status and further reduce poverty.

Bjorn Gelders, Senior Social Policy Specialist at Development Pathways, and project leader, and Anasuya Sengupta, Senior Social Policy Specialist, were both involved in study to inform Ethiopia development efforts, which reached a milestone this week as we presented the findings in a workshop in Addis Ababa.

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