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Sierra Leone adopts a lifecycle approach to social protection in its new strategy


Sierra Leone’s government has launched its new multi-year National Social Protection Strategy.

The Government developed the 2022-2026 Strategy with an inclusive approach, engaging a large group of stakeholders led by the National Commission for Social Action and Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Development Pathways supported stakeholders in facilitating expert discussions, and in drafting the document, which recognises that “social protection should address broader vulnerabilities all citizens face throughout their lives, build their resilience, and enable them to live in dignity”.

“The development of a comprehensive social protection system […] became a necessity,” Honourable Alpha O. Timbo, the Minister of Labour and Social Security said.

The 2022-2026 Strategy contains action plans with a target date of 2026, as well as longer term visions for 2040, across social protection programmes and systems. In addition, it provides clear guidance on how Sierra Leone can further establish a lifecycle social protection system, and on the feasibility of establishing particular lifecycle schemes.

The Minister said, “[The] social protection policy dubbed ‘Combining growth with equity for the poor’ has been tagged as one of the best social protection policies ever designed in this country.

“Moving forward, we decided to embark on the process of formulation and establishing the social protection strategy. Our motive is to make sure we move the process of continuing the establishment of a comprehensive social protection system for Sierra Leone.”

For more about the advantages of lifecycle systems over poverty-targeting approaches to social protection, read our paper on the effectiveness of targeting, ‘Hit and Miss’.