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The steps to supporting older Ugandans to actively contribute set out at national conference


19th September: Uganda’s older persons have the potential to be a tremendous resource for the country and should be supported to actively contribute to their families and nation, Development Pathways says at a national conference in Kampala today.

Development Pathways is presenting headline findings from a study to understand the situation of older persons in Uganda the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development and Expanding Social Protection programme commissioned at the beginning of the year. The study will highlight priority areas for the formulation of a planned Older Persons Act.

A range of findings on the socio-economic, cultural and health situation of the over one million Ugandans aged 60 and above were highlighted at the national conference. These included that while the majority of older Ugandans are economically active, two-thirds have an irregular income and two out of five are living below the international extreme poverty line. Another key finding was that older persons have considerable caring responsibilities, with one in six live only with a children aged under 18.

The presentation is available here. Findings will be released in a special glossy publication on 1st October to mark the International Day of Older Persons, ahead of a full report The State of Older Persons in Uganda: Overview Situational Analysis Report. This will set out both the current challenges of ageing and to point to some of the opportunities presented by changes in the support for older persons.

It follows previous research by Development Pathways drawing out the social and economic benefits to older persons of the Senior Citizens’ Grant as part of our work for the Expanding Social Protection programme.


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