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Universal Child Grants momentum builds with international conference set to outline the evidence


Universal child grants

A global conference on Universal Child Grants set to be held in Geneva in response to “a growing appetite for universal approaches to direct support,” according to UNICEF and the ODI. 

The International Conference on Universal Child Grants convened by UNICEF, the ILO and the ODI brings together national governments and policy practitioners, researchers and the international community to explore the evidence for inclusive cash transfers for children. The organisers say Universal Child Grants cover few of the world’s children, despite proving an effective instrument in addressing poverty, and the fact that 385 million children live in extreme poverty. Furthermore, child poverty has negative short-term and long-term consequences, including on children’s longevity and quality of life as adults.  

The organisers point to the global discussion on universal basic income but also acknowledge that despite this interest in inclusive social protection, “debates on the effectiveness and trade-offs” in relation to universal approaches “remain alive”. 

Development Pathways, which has identified and presented evidence on the rationale for inclusive social protection as more impactful and sustainable than poverty-targeted approaches, is participating in the event. Experts from Development Pathways will point to international evidence and national experiences from low- and middle-income countries, including new evidence from Uzbekistan for UNICEF.

There is evidence that programmes that compensate for additional costs faced by households when raising children have proven value. Our team looks forward to the discussion and to more nations and donors adopting effective poverty-reduction strategies as a result.

The full agenda for the International Conference on Universal Child Grants conference is available to view hereSome sessions  will be live-streamed, including the high-level roundtable Stephen Kidd will be speaking at. Watch through at this link. 



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