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Welfare States, Rights and Basic Income in Latin America


A book on Welfare States, Rights and Basic Income in Latin America published in December 2019 has now become fully available online (only in Spanish).

The publication, co-edited and co-authored by Development Pathways’ Senior Social Policy Specialist Alexandra Barrantes, seeks to introduce some of the key debates around the expansion and impact of conditional cash transfers (CCTs) and social justice, in the context of Latin America’s structurally unequal countries.

Authors go beyond issues around the impact of CCTs in Latin America, and question some of the major assumptions around social protection in the region. One of the unique contributions of this publication is looking at the implementation of some of the CCTs from a sociological and human rights approach that questions the moralisation of poverty and the impact this has on the implementation of these programmes. A case in point, are the Chapters by Cunha and Ivo, Lavra Pinto and Peixoto Ávila, focusing on the well-known Bolsa Familia programme in Brazil. These authors highlight some of the linkages between policy choices with poverty narratives around deservingness, the questionable use of conditionalities, the subjective implementation of this programme at the street-level bureaucracy, and the unequal relationships between programme beneficiaries and programme implementers.

Ultimately, most Chapters in this book strive to respond to the question: to which extent can CCTs be expected to evolve towards the establishment of universal basic income programmes in the region?

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