Icon Our WorkBuilding A Better Future A child-sensitive social protection system for Uzbekistan

The wide-ranging reform agenda in Uzbekistan is a window of opportunity to transform the national social protection system and align its design to the nation’s evolving needs and aspirations. If Uzbekistan is serious about taking advantage of its potential demographic dividend in the coming decades, it will be essential to increase investments in today’s children. While it is an obligation of every state to ensure the wellbeing of its children, there has never been a better time to invest in the future human capital of Uzbekistan to prepare the nation for the challenges it will face in the future. The proposals set out in this paper aim to re-design the national system of child benefits. If implemented, the reforms could become an important means of building a more prosperous and inclusive Uzbekistan

The aim of this policy brief is to examine Uzbekistan’s social protection system and assess its effectiveness and capacity to respond to the challenges facing the nation’s citizens, in particular its children. It is a shortened version of a report published by UNICEF entitled: Building a national social protection system fit for Uzbekistan’s children and youth. More detail on the issues set out in this paper can be found in the in-depth report, which can be found here.


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