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The impacts of COVID-19 on economies and societies around the world have forced a reckoning for social security systems. Within this context, organisations representing workers are called to consider how their own interests align with the interest of broad swathes of society, in the context of the social security system and the broader social and economic development goals for recovery and beyond.

As part of the Regional Launch of the International Journal of Labour Research, Shea McClanahan and Alexandra Barrantes of Development Pathways have written an article titled “Workers’ rights and human rights – resolving historical tensions through a multi-tiered social security agenda”.

This article considers the historical development of social security systems; the mixed messaging and false choices in contemporary policy circles; the potential for resolving these tensions through a return to inclusive, lifecycle multi-tiered frameworks; the evolving role of workers’ organisations within this context and some potential axes for action in a post-COVID world.

Click here to watch Shea McClanahan’s introduction video

Click here to watch Alexandra Barrantes’ introduction video


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