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Every child with a disability needs to access a disability benefit, says new paper


Child disability benefits: an investment worth making

5th November: Children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable children. A disability can throw a child’s family into destitution and often it is the child who is blamed. The additional costs these families can incur can create a vicious downward spiral. 

As our latest paper makes clear, an investment of only 0.1 per cent of GDP would enable countries to establish universal child disability benefits that would transform the lives of millions of children.  

In high-income countries, it is the norm for children with disabilities to access a disability benefit. These benefits make a major contribution to helping these children lead more fulfilling lives. Yet, very few low- and middle-income countries offer similar benefits. As a result, the vast majority of children with disabilities in these countries are left without essential financial support despite their families experiencing significant additional costs and, in many cases, extreme poverty. 

Child Disability Benefits: An investment worth making, available on our website, sets out the case in full, and is published at the time of an event in London on Tuesday 6th November in which an expert panel will make the case for further investment in social protection for people with disabilities. 

You can register to attend by clicking here, or you can join the livestream of the event remotely from 5.30pm on Tuesday 6th November by following this link. Please note: DFID will not now present but a representative will participate. A BSL interpreter will be available.


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