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Impact evaluation team gives insight into innovative study to pinpoint pension’s impact


The team behind Development Pathways’ innovative analysis of a pension’s impact has spoken about the work.

Bjorn Gelders and Diloá Bailey-Athias, of Development Pathways’ Social and Economic Analysis Team, were asked about the significance of the work for Uganda’s Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development and the Expanding Social Protection Programme.

They assessed the impact of the Senior Citizens Grant,  a social pension which is the country’s largest social protection programme, reaching around 150,000 older people with a small cash transfer every two months. The study is the first to capture medium- to longer-term effects of the programme on the wellbeing of older persons and their households.

The work follows previous analysis of the difference that the programme has made, and identifies deeper impacts than previous research undertaken, as ESP has outlined.

Diloá comments: “Our methodology was very innovative and cost effective. Instead of doing a randomised control trial and collecting large amount of data from scratch, we used existing datasets.”

The final report, Quantitative Impact Analysis of Uganda’s Senior Citizens Grant, can be accessed by clicking here


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