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Building inclusive social protection systems in Asia and the Pacific

A virtuous cycle promoting economic growth

Despite significant expansion of social protection coverage across Asia and the Pacific, some 60 percent of people are still excluded from adequate social protection, the Asian Development Bank estimates. In this context, it is essential that governments and development partners step up to close the gaps.

As interest in inclusive social protection grows in the region, so does the demand for easily accessible resources for policymakers and practitioners working in the sector. UNESCAP recognised this need, and in 2017, contracted us to prepare a series of policy guides, in four modules, to lay out, in clear and simple terms, a path to inclusive social protection in the region. As leaders in the field, we were able to draw on the latest knowledge to develop policy guides on:

  1. Rationale for social protection –what is it, and why is it important?
  2. Design of inclusive social protection systems –what are the different options, and how are they supported by the evidence?
  3. Design and implementation of tax-financed schemes –how can we ensure that the right people get the right money at the right time and place?
  4. Financing –what are the key principles for financing inclusive social protection?

The guides, available for download below, will constitute key resources for all actors engaged in building inclusive social protection systems in the region and around the world. Three of the guides are also available in Russian.

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