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Sustainable Development Goals Baseline Report on Children

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals form a ground-breaking plan to end poverty, promote sustainable development, and ensure prosperity for all of the world’s citizens by 2030. The Government of Indonesia has been proactive in shaping the SDG agenda and translating the goals into national development plans.

With support from Development Pathways, the Ministry of National Development Planning and the United Nations Children’s Fund recently developed the first-ever SDG Baseline Report on Children.

Our work, in 2017, involved conducting stakeholder consultations, refining indicator methodologies, and analysing data from national household surveys and administrative sources. The baseline report provides a comprehensive overview of the situation of children and women, with data visualisations that illustrate disparities by age, sex, location, socioeconomic status and other characteristics. It identifies gaps in the current monitoring system and offers policy recommendations for accelerating progress towards achieving the SDGs.

Fact sheets for each of Indonesia’s 34 provinces were also developed to support policy discussions at the subnational level.