Icon Our WorkThe Mbao Pension Plan: Savings for the Informal-Sector

The Mbao Pension Plan: Savings for the Informal-Sector

Social protection schemes in Kenya are both Government-run and private, and consist of tax-financed schemes such as the Inuda Jamii Senior Citizens’ Grant, contributory schemes such as the National Social Security Fund and the Mbao Pension Plan, and health insurance. This briefing provides an overview of the Mbao Pension Plan, a private retirement schemes established in 2009. This innovative programme, targeted at informal-sector workers, provides workers with a voluntary mechanism for pooling and investing their savings. Prepared by our dear late colleague Krystle Kabare, who was a Social Policy Specialist extremely committed to building an effective and comprehensive social protection system in Kenya, this paper details how the plan was designed and implemented, and the successes and challenges that have arisen as a result.


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