Our Work IconBringing the voice of older persons centre-stage: situational analysis of older persons in Uganda

The world’s population is ageing, and Uganda is no exception. A lack of infrastructure, however, has meant that many of the country’s older citizens have been unable to grow older...

Publication IconFacing Our Future: Ageing in a Changing Uganda

The challenges and opportunities offered by a growth in older persons in Uganda are identified in this Government of Uganda report, released for International Day of Older Persons 2018. To...

Publication IconThe Mbao Pension Plan: Savings for the Informal-Sector

Social protection schemes in Kenya are both Government-run and private, and consist of tax-financed schemes such as the Inuda Jamii Senior Citizens’ Grant, contributory schemes such as the National Social...

blog iconAfrica’s rapidly ageing population is in need of social protection, yet it continues to be largely overlooked

Our blogger, Madeleine Cretney, is a Social Policy Officer at Development Pathways.  Africa may currently be the youngest continent in the world, but the growth of its older population this century will outstrip that of any other region. According to a 2019 UN report on population ageing, the continent will see a three-fold increase in the number...

Our Work IconLooking into the impacts of the Inua Jamii Senior Citizens’ Programme in Kenya

With the aim of contributing to the existing body of evidence on the impacts of social pension schemes, a research team from Development Pathways comprising Anh Tran, Sarina Kidd and Madeleine Cretney are conducting a multi-year qualitative research study in the community of Lolkeringet, in Nandi County, Kenya.

News IconBrace for impact: the Baseline Survey Report of Kenya’s universal pension

In September 2020, the Baseline Survey Report of Kenya’s Inua Jamii 70 Years and Above Cash Transfer Programme was published, to which Development Pathways (DP) provided research design and analysis support.

Publication IconInua Jamii Senior Citizens’ Scheme

The Inua Jamii Senior Citizens’ Scheme is a tax-financed pension-tested social pension offering universal pension coverage for all citizens of Kenya once they reach 70 years of age. The programme,...

Publication IconThe State of Older Persons in Uganda – Situational analysis report

The report, as part of the Expanding Social Protection (ESP) programme, highlights old-age poverty and the transformational potential of the Senior Citizens’ Grant.

Publication Icon‘I feel more loved.’ Autonomy, self-worth and Kenya’s universal pension: Summary Report

A research team from Development Pathways lead by Sarina Kidd and Anh Tran is conducting a multi-year qualitative research study in the community of Lolkeringet, in Nandi County, Kenya. Through a cultural immersion approach, the researchers are analysing how the pension impacts on the lives of older persons, their families, and their community.

Publication IconPotential impacts of social pensions in Viet Nam

A report, commissioned by the International Labour Organization, that focuses on Viet Nam's social pensions and examines two options for expanding it to achieve universal coverage.